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A Brief Guide To Gothenburg – Sweden

Gothenburg (or Göteborg as the Swedish call the city), has undergone countless transformations from being an industrial coastal town into an alluring modern and global sports scene. Refurbishing several of Gothenburg’s museums and the construction of the Gothenburg Opera, gave the city’s traditional environment a well-deserved face lift.  With a Eurail pass, you can travel to Gothenburg to see the revamped look of the city, there are astonishing sites to see and dishes to taste that would pre-occupy your wandering feet and ravenous appetite.

History Of Gothenburg
Gothenburg was established by Sweden’s King Adolphus in 1621. During those times, the area’s west coast area operates as a military base to guard Sweden against the Danish invasions.  After thirty years, the Danes, along with the Norwegian regions, came to be a division of Sweden under the Treaty of Roskilde. With the military base gone, the city of Gothenburg experience several economic developments because of its well-placed location and soon developed into a thriving business seaport. During the 19th century Gothenburg flourished into a significant industrial center and port of the country, and handled half of Sweden’s international business.

Things To Do In Gothenburg
Gothenburg is a green oasis, so don’t miss out on the Botanical Garden. 500,000 visitors per year flock to see its herb and kitchen garden, the animated perennial beddings, and its rock garden which boast more than 6,000 distinct marshes and plants. Then there’s the Slottskogen Park, the city’s most famous recreational spot with its luscious greeneries. The area has countless restaurants and cafes, a theme park and zoo which will be a sure hit amongst children. Since Gothenburg is famous for its seaport, go on a cruise. Sail or rent a canoe and explore and discover the enthralling waters of the city. Museums are also abundant in Gothenburg. Visit the Gothenburg Art Museum with a vast collect of 19th century Scandinavian art and several masterpieces of Picasso, Monet and Rembrandt.  The Gunnebo Castle and Gardens is perfect for picnics during the summer months. Experience the Art of Gastronomy in Gothenburg in the restaurants around the city with highly-reputable international chefs serving mouth-watering courses, such as the Sjömagasinet, 28+ and Fond, as well as Hos Pelle, Caleo, Kock & Vin and Brasserie Lip. For shopping and souvenirs, go to Innderstaden, Nordstan and Avenyn, there are countless boutiques and shops along the areas.

Getting To Gothenburg
There are several ways to travel to Gothenburg. You can opt to go by plane which will either land in Landvetter or Säve. There are also ferries from UK, Germany, Norway and Denmark. If you have a Eurail Pass, then you can travel by train via the SJ or Swedish Railways, or several private railway companies such as the Veolia, MerResor, Arlanda Express and Tågkompaniet.

Travel to Gothenburg and destinations across Europe with a Eurail Pass at

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New to the EU Recruitment Process? Read this step-by-step quick guide!

Step #1 – The Notice of Competition

All permanent staff for the EU institutions are recruited through open competitions (commonly referred to as ‘concours’ in all languages) organised by the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) offering EU Careers for all EU institutions, such as the European Commission, the Council of Ministers (also called Council of the European Union), the European Court of Auditors (ECA), the Court of Justice of the EU (and the General Court of the EU), the European Parliament (EP), the Committee of the Regions (CoR) and the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). These attract a very considerable number of applicants who know that passing the competition is the only way to become a permanent official in an EU institution. Regarding non-permanent jobs like temporary agents or contract agents, a similar selection takes place, though for EU Agencies a simple CV application and job interview is enough.

Step #2 – The Pre-Selection Procedure

Submit Your Application

• Application is done online through EPSO’s online application system.


Professional Competencies in the Spotlight

• As of 2010, a fundamentally reshaped EPSO recruitment system is in place. This signals a move away from a selection system centred around lexical knowledge on the EU to one with a focus on professional competencies.

• These competencies are tested through three types of tests: Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning – you can find some free samples here.

Step #3 – The Assessment Centre

• The purpose of an Assessment Centre testing is to model more closely real-life work situations and competences during recruitment.

• An Assessment Centre is literally an evaluation centre, a place where you spend almost a full day during which you perform various tasks and assessors observe and score your behaviour and answers.

• Answers you have give in a so-called Situational Judgment test will be highly relevant to the Assessment Centre testing. EPSO will conduct your “structured interview” based on the results of your Situational Judgment Test.

• Applicants for Assistant positions will go through an E-Tray Exercise, designed to test your ability to prioritize, organise and communicate with several people.

• Applicants for Administrator positions will go through a Case Study Exercise as well.

Step #4 – Reserve List & Job Interview

• Finalists will be placed in a central reserve list from which the different institutions can pick their future employees.

• This reserve list does not guarantee you a job, but confirms that you have fulfilled the criteria to become an official.

Step #5 – Recruitment

The salaries are very generous (starting 2500 EUR for assistants and 4000 EUR for administrators) subject to beneficial taxation for EU officials, which is generally around 10-20% of the gross income.

Types of Jobs

• Permanent job: concours required, see above

• Temporary job: a “fast-track” concours is required

• EU Agencies: always temporary jobs

• 3-6 month EU traineeships

Gabor Mikes is the author of this article on European Union Jobs. Find more information about EU Job Opportunities here.

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Europe Travel Guide: Your Personal Travel Guide

Europe is the second largest continent in the world. This is a diversified continent because of its cultural diversification. An established fact about the continent which came out in the year 2004 is that Europe is visited by the 59% of the total people visiting across the world. If you are also planning a trip here then Europe travel guide could be the best solution for you which can provide you the whole information about this beautiful continent. European countries are vast and have different culture, places, history etc and one can learn all this information through guides for traveling to Europe.

A preplanned trip is always successful and gives the most pleasure. These guides have all the information about different countries which really help you to plan out a perfect trip for you vacations. These guides can make your tour unforgettable. Europe travel guide provide you with the deepest insight about a place in Europe and make you feel like that you are already there.

The Europe travel guides are made by the professionals who have a good experience and association with Europe. Guides have the information about hotels; hang out spots, night life, popular restaurants, shopping centers, sight seeing information, taxi rentals, places of attraction, weather information and lots more. These guides are perfect for planning your holiday trip in a most efficient way.

Travel guide for Europe are also available online and can be accessed from anywhere. These guides are maintained by the tourist and professional people. Most importantly travel guide comes with the rate cards which will help you to plan your budget.

Europe travel guides are the professional advisors to you and give you the right information about Europe. These guides are the best solution

Jason Born is offering advice for quite some time. Having completed his Bachelor of Science in Travel and Tourism Business Management from Institute For Tourism Studies(IFT). He provide useful advice through his articles that have been found very useful. To find Europe travel guide, Europe travel deals, Europe travel tips, Europe travel tours visit

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Europe tour guide: a good tour partner

Even in your most blissful dream you always dreamt of visiting Europe. The time has also come when you are going to Europe to realize your dreams and visit this beautiful destination. But you will obviously never want your tour to turn a nightmare for you. Well, if you really don’t want to make your holiday experience bad at all then a prefect plan is what you need! Europe is the second largest of the world with numerous holiday destinations worth visiting.So if you are looking for fun thrill and excitement then just pack your bags but don’t forget to carry Europe tour guide.

Europe is one such holiday destination that is preferred by many people around the world and is quite popular. You can various places and cities such as Cyprus, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Spain, Sweden, France and Germany to name a few. All these places are unique in their own way and are really worth visiting while on your trip to Europe. But without a guide or route plan can you explore much and hunt for places? Navigation might not be feasible at all without proper guidance. So for a good experience while on holidays Europe tour guide can be a best choice.

The guide is planned keeping your preferences in mind and according to your convenience. Also your budget is well taken care of while preparing your itinerary for holidays in Europe. When you are actually on trip then you will not have to waste your time deciding where and when to go because all this is planned before hand. Moreover, you don’t have to even worry about taxis and other transportation because that is booked in advance for your convenience.

A lot of money can be saved by opting for Europe tour guide. Everything is planned beforehand for your comfort. So what are you still waiting for? Just get your Europe tour guide for complete fun and great holiday experience.

Jason Born is offering advice for quite some time. He provide useful advice through his articles that have been found very useful. Our keywords are europe travel, europe tour guide, europe travel planning, europe vacation, europe map. Find us at

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Travel to Europe with Europe Travel Guide

Second largest continent in world, Europe is one of the most diversified continents on planet earth. Due to its cultural diversification it has established itself as a famous tourist attraction. Europe is visited by 59% of total travelers that visit across the world. This is enough to understand the importance of this continent. If you are also planning to visit Europe than this article about Europe travel will help you to understand about Europe and its culture.

Countries in Europe are vast and have dissimilar culture with many different places, history and tradition. It is good to know about insights of all countries before travelling so as to enjoy your trip to fullest. A trip that is planned in advance is best as it not only save money but you can also enjoy much more and remain comfortable throughout your journey. Planning trip in advance consists of knowing about the places you will be visiting, making advance hotel and flight booking, gathering knowledge about geography and weather conditions of that place, know about the tradition and prices of that particular place and deciding your overall budget.

There are many Europe travel guide available in market and online for a small fee or for free also. You can get in depth knowledge about many important things in Europe like cheap hotels, best restaurants to eat, best hang out places, car rental information, best places to shop, best places to see and information about all leisure activities available to you. There are many places in Europe that are famous for Ski games; water sports games, beautiful beaches, and ancient arts. Europe is also known for its highly efficient train network. While in Europe you can travel by trains from one country to another at cheap rates. Eurostar, ICE, Thalys, and TGV are some of the famous high speed train in Europe.

Online travel agencies also provide detailed information about Europe which not only helps you to plan your travel, but you can also make all bookings online at cheap rates.

You can travel from Eurostar to Amsterdam, Eurostar London to Paris and Eurostar to Switzerland. Get cheapest tickets online and enjoy your travel to Europe.

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Liaison Technologies CTO Bruce Chen to Guide Company’s Further Expansion into Healthcare Informatics

Liaison Technologies CTO Bruce Chen to Guide Company’s Further Expansion into Healthcare Informatics
Liaison Technologies, a global provider of cloud-based integration and data management services and solutions, announced today that its chief technology officer, Bruce Chen, is having executive vice president of Healthcare Informatics added to his title to reflect the company’s expanding focus on the Life Sciences and Health Information Exchange markets.
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Is Canada Post a dead letter in a digital world?
Canada Post is struggling to reach a deal with its employees. The threat of a strike again hangs over the nation’s postal service. Does anyone care?

EU finalises “stress tests” for nuclear reactors
BRUSSELS (Reuters) – European nuclear watchdogs have agreed details of new safety checks on the region’s 143 reactors and said a group would be set up to deal with the risks of a nuclear crisis arising from a terrorist attack.
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Local resident heads to world pinball contest
Not just anyone can boast an 11th-place ranking in world pinball.
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Poland Travel Guide

Poland, a small country situated in the serene location of Central Europe, is one of the top tourist destinations of the world. Every year travelers and adventurers from all around the world, visit this amazing country to make their holidays special. Poland has so much to offer to every one that one can never get bored here. The enchanting charm of this country will surely inspire you to come here again and again.

The rich history of Poland has many facets. This country has seen many kings and their rule. Piast, Jagiellon, Salvs also these dynasties rules the country in their respective periods. With the changing time the monarchy also changed here. During world wars it was also attacked by the Nazi Germany and Soviet Union forces. Finally in 1989 the Polish government here changed from Communism to Capitalism.

The climate of Poland varies according to different seasons. In winters its very cold in here, even all the lakes froze in winters. During spring the wonderful colors of blooming flowers will surely mesmerize you with its charm. Even the summers here are not so hot and offer a very relaxing break to the visitors.

Best time to visit:
May-September are the best months to visit this awesome country. If you winters and snow come here between November-March.

Top attractions:
Poland is one country that has always fascinated the travelers with its irresistible aura. Whether you are an adventurer, a wildlife lover or nature lover you will find several travel destinations here that will cast their magic on you. Bieszczady mountains, Danzig, Czestochowa, Cracow, Malbrok, Masurian lake, Jefferson memorial forest, Nietoperek Bat reserve are some of the most visited travel places of Poland. Apart from this it is also a paradise for the shoppers. You can buy many awesome souvenirs from the local markets as it shares its borders with Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Slovakia, Germany and Czech Republic you will find a wide variety of gifting options from here.

One can say that the rich cultural heritage of Poland is a major factor that attracts the tourist to this place. It is like a long bridge that connects the ancient traditional values to the modern ethics that has also given the uniqueness to the country. You can experience its culture in Poland’s cuisines, music, costumes, festivals, literature, buildings etc. Once you will come here, you can surely can not escape its magic.

So plan a trip to this amazing country and know about Poland real charm and aura. Plan your trip in the spring season as the Poland weather is very appropriate during this time.

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Your Accommodation Guide for Sweden

Stockholm is the largest city and the capital city of Sweden. It attracts a lot of tourists and travelers from all around the world throughout the year. The city is made of 14 islands and getting around the city from island to island requires sailboats and yatchs. For land transport, tourists and locals use bikes, vehicles or the local mass-transit system or they simply take a walk. Stockholm has a lot to offer to its visitors. There are many historical places and museums to visit in the city and the cultural life and energy is simply exceptional. The city also has hundreds of restaurants offering a wide range of cuisines, and food types to their guests.

Gothenburg being the second largest city of the country is a hub of maritime activities and offers luxurious to friendly bed and breakfast accommodation services to its visitors. With the opening of the famous Oresund Bridge in Malmo, the third largest city of Sweden is becoming a pivotal spot for being a metropolitan and urban region. There’s always something to do in Sweden. Stockholm has become a major attraction luring people from every part of the globe with its unique and harmonious blend of rich culture from untamed wilderness spots to its much developed urban, art and exhibition scene.

Sweden offers a variety of means for enjoyment and relaxing to the visitors and has world class shopping facilities. The country has beautiful locations and is very child-friendly where kids can enjoy traveling as much as anyone else. The country offers different types of accommodation facilities, including hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts, cottages, castles and manor houses as well as cabin and camping facilities for those looking for adventure. These accommodation facilities can be booked in advance and are classified according to the quality of service they provide.

Accommodation in Stockholm is of top class quality. Being the capital city of Sweden, the city has a number of fine hotels. From luxurious 5 and 4 star hotels to economic 3 and 2 star hotels, you’ll find the suitable accommodation for your trip. Some of the top rated Stockholm hotell include the Radisson SAS Royal Viking Hotel, Rica Hotel Stockholm and Elite Palace Hotel. A popular choice for the budget conscious traveler is the Vanadis Hotel and Bath. Some other cheap hotels in Stockholm, also known as billiga hotell i Stockholm, include Adlon Hotel, Accome Hotel Apartments Solna, Rica Hotel Kungsgatan and Mornington Hotel Bromma Stockholm (BW). With their ideal locations and easy transport accessibility, these hotels have gained popularity among tourists.

Hotell web offers you some of the finest Sverige hotell and Norway and by choosing the right hotel from our online booking engine you can get accommodation of your choice booked in minutes. We offer you the very best rates at the very best of accommodations, making sure that your stay in Sweden is a memorable one. Booking for worldwide hotels is also available at where you can book hotels safely and securely. The website is available in 5 different languages to target a broader audience.

Jenny does online promotion and marketing for HotellWeb sites. offers online hotel booking reservation for hotell i Stockholm and Hotell Sverige.

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