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A Brief Guide To Gothenburg – Sweden

Gothenburg (or Göteborg as the Swedish call the city), has undergone countless transformations from being an industrial coastal town into an alluring modern and global sports scene. Refurbishing several of Gothenburg’s museums and the construction of the Gothenburg Opera, gave the city’s traditional environment a well-deserved face lift.  With a Eurail pass, you can travel to Gothenburg to see the revamped look of the city, there are astonishing sites to see and dishes to taste that would pre-occupy your wandering feet and ravenous appetite.

History Of Gothenburg
Gothenburg was established by Sweden’s King Adolphus in 1621. During those times, the area’s west coast area operates as a military base to guard Sweden against the Danish invasions.  After thirty years, the Danes, along with the Norwegian regions, came to be a division of Sweden under the Treaty of Roskilde. With the military base gone, the city of Gothenburg experience several economic developments because of its well-placed location and soon developed into a thriving business seaport. During the 19th century Gothenburg flourished into a significant industrial center and port of the country, and handled half of Sweden’s international business.

Things To Do In Gothenburg
Gothenburg is a green oasis, so don’t miss out on the Botanical Garden. 500,000 visitors per year flock to see its herb and kitchen garden, the animated perennial beddings, and its rock garden which boast more than 6,000 distinct marshes and plants. Then there’s the Slottskogen Park, the city’s most famous recreational spot with its luscious greeneries. The area has countless restaurants and cafes, a theme park and zoo which will be a sure hit amongst children. Since Gothenburg is famous for its seaport, go on a cruise. Sail or rent a canoe and explore and discover the enthralling waters of the city. Museums are also abundant in Gothenburg. Visit the Gothenburg Art Museum with a vast collect of 19th century Scandinavian art and several masterpieces of Picasso, Monet and Rembrandt.  The Gunnebo Castle and Gardens is perfect for picnics during the summer months. Experience the Art of Gastronomy in Gothenburg in the restaurants around the city with highly-reputable international chefs serving mouth-watering courses, such as the Sjömagasinet, 28+ and Fond, as well as Hos Pelle, Caleo, Kock & Vin and Brasserie Lip. For shopping and souvenirs, go to Innderstaden, Nordstan and Avenyn, there are countless boutiques and shops along the areas.

Getting To Gothenburg
There are several ways to travel to Gothenburg. You can opt to go by plane which will either land in Landvetter or Säve. There are also ferries from UK, Germany, Norway and Denmark. If you have a Eurail Pass, then you can travel by train via the SJ or Swedish Railways, or several private railway companies such as the Veolia, MerResor, Arlanda Express and Tågkompaniet.

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Visit Gothenburg: Sweden’s Second City

Traditionally, tourists in Sweden have come from the neighbouring countries of Denmark, Norway and Finland. However, in recent times, Sweden has become a much more popular destination with tourists from other parts of Europe; especially Britain and Germany, as well as from countries outwith the continent. But while many tourists restrict their visits to the most obvious destinations in Sweden, such as Stockholm, there are also many less frequented spots of beauty to visit in the country. The city of Gothenburg, for example, offers a range of cultural delights and attractions to enjoy.

Located in the province of Västergötland on the west coast of Sweden, Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden; as well as the country’s largest university city, counting some 60,000 students among its inhabitants. Perhaps due to the diverse composition of the city’s population, Gothenburg’s cultural offerings are both rich and varied. Its architectural heritage is interesting, dating back to the seventeenth century. Its eighteenth century buildings date back to the time of the East India Company – which made Gothenburg one of the most important trading cities in Europe – while its nineteenth century architecture centres on the main street of Kungsportsavenyn. Today, Gothenburg’s architecture is led by figures like Gert Wingårdh, who began as a post-modernist in the 1980s and still maintains a significant sway over the city’s architectural developments.

Gothenburg is also a European leader when it comes to music. It is, for example, home to the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, a leader in classical music. Furthermore, Gothenberg is home to the Gothenburg Film Festival, the biggest film festival in Scandinavia. The city also boasts a range of free theatre ensembles, such as the Gothenburg City Theatre, the Backa (youth) Theatre and Folkteatern.

But of all the attractions in Gothenburg, its culinary offerings are surely the most delightful. In fact, Gothenburg is famous in Scandinavia for attracting talented chefs. Its fantastic coastal position by the North Sea means that the city boasts a number of high quality fish and seafood eateries, as well as many Michelin starred restaurants. If you’re looking for great places to buy raw fish in Gothenburg, visit the Feskekôrka, or “Fish Church”, an indoor fish market. Furthermore, Gothenburg has the highest concentration of cafes and coffee shops in Sweden, partly as a result of its long-standing student culture.

If you’re interested in basking in the sights and sounds of this amazing city, rest assured that you won’t be short of options when looking for transport or booking accommodation in Sweden. A variety of travel websites will help you find what you’re looking for; but you can always turn to established hotel chains in the region, such as Scandic hotels, for affordable and dependable family accommodation. So whether you’re travelling to Gothenburg on a family holiday, a romantic getaway for two or a backpacking trip with your fellow students, you’re sure to have a truly memorable experience!

Martin McAllister is an online freelance journalist. He lives in Scotland.

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