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England vs Germany Live streaming Sopcast tonight,preview,history, Tv link

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Enjoy the live World Cup 2010 soccer 2nd round knockout match England vs Germany Live streaming on your PC on Sunday June 27th, from 14:00 GMT, 2010. grab this exciting match live on your PC in this site.Catch the match live here it provide crystal clear HD video and smooth clear sound so stay tune and enjoy the match here is live streaming tv link England vs Germany
Date:Sunday June 27th
Time:from 14:00 GMT
Competition:World Cup 2010 Live England vs Germany
Live/Repeat: Live
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England and Germany, so much history and so much heartache. This sunday June 27th the meet each other again. This is a real battle for two team, everybody got eagle eye on this match. Football fun all over the world want to see a epic match.

England and Germany Head to head
Total Match::27 England Win:12 Germany:12 Draw:3

England vs Germany Football History:

1966 FIFA World Cup World Cup 1966
The 1966 FIFA World Cup, the eighth staging of the World Cup, was held in England from 11 July to 30 July. England was chosen as hosts by FIFA in August 1960 to celebrate the centenary of the standardisation of football in England. England won the final, beating West Germany 4–2, giving them their first (and, to date, only) World Cup win, and becoming the first host to win the tournament since Italy in
London’s Wembley Stadium provided the venue for the final, and 98,000 people crammed inside to watch. After 12 minutes 32 seconds Helmut Haller had put West Germany ahead, but the score was levelled by Geoff Hurst four minutes later. Martin Peters put England in the lead in the 78th minute; England looked set to claim the title when the referee awarded a free kick to West Germany with one minute left. The ball was launched goalward and Wolfgang Weber managed to poke it across the line, with England appealing in vain for handball as the ball came through the crowded penalty area.
With the score level at 2–2 at the end of 90 minutes, the game went to extra time. In the 98th minute Hurst found himself on the score sheet again; his shot hit the crossbar, and bounced down and hit the ground either onto or just over goal line. Whether the ball actually crossed the goal line or not has been a matter of discussion for decades, and this goal, known as the “Ghost Goal”, has become part of World Cup history. Recent digitally-enhanced footage is said to clearly illustrate that Geoff Hurst’s second goal did not cross the line.[8] In the last minute it was Hurst again, who dribbled easily through the German half to net his third goal, just as the gathered crowd invaded the pitch to celebrate with the team, thus cementing the victory for England with another goal. This made Geoff Hurst the only player ever to have scored three times in a World Cup final.


BBC commentator Kenneth Wolstenholme’s description of the match’s closing moments has gone down in history: “Some people are on the pitch. They think it’s all over … [Hurst scores] It is now!”.
England received the recovered Jules Rimet trophy from Queen Elizabeth II and were crowned World Cup winners for the first time.

The first German victories
Two years after the World Cup, on 1 June 1968, the two teams met again in another friendly match, this time in West Germany, in which the Germans won their first victory over an English team, thirty-eight years after they had first played. The scoreline was 1-0, Franz Beckenbauer scoring for West Germany, but as Hugh McIlvanney wrote in his match report for The Observer: “Comparing this miserable hour and a half (in which fouls far outnumbered examples of creative football) with the last great meeting between the countries is entirely fatuous. But that will not prevent the Germans from doing it. Their celebrations will not be inhibited by the knowledge that today’s losers were almost a reserve team, and even the agonies of boredom they shared with us will now seem worthwhile. They have beaten England, and that is enough

1990 World Cup
There were several friendly games played, with wins for both nations, in the 1970s and 1980s, but the next competitive match — a second round group game at the 1982 FIFA World Cup — ended in a disappointing 0-0 draw. However, when the teams next met competitively, at the 1990 FIFA World Cup, it was a rather more dramatic and eventful clash in the semi-finals, the first time England had reached that far in the competition since their win in 1966.

1996 European Championship
England’s first match against the unified Germany since 1938 was a friendly in 1991 at Wembley, which the Germans won 1-0. Five years later, at the 1996 European Championships, England played a unified German team for the very first time in a competitive fixture, when they met in the semi-finals. As with the 1966 World Cup, the tournament was being held in England, and the semi-final was played at Wembley Stadium

2000 European Championship
England and Germany were drawn to meet each other in the first round group stage of the 2000 European Championship, held jointly by Belgium and the Netherlands, with the England–Germany game taking place in Charleroi in Belgium. Before the game, held on 17 June 2000, there was trouble with incidents of violence with England fans in the town centre, although these were mostly brief and did not involve confrontations with German fans. Nonetheless, reporting of the violence did to a degree overshadow the match result in some media coverage

2002 World Cup qualifying
Before the 2000 European Championship, England and Germany had already been drawn together in the same qualifying group for the 2002 FIFA World Cup. England’s home match against Germany was played on Saturday 7 October 2000, and was particularly significant as it was to be the last international fixture ever to be played at the old Wembley Stadium, before it was demolished and rebuilt. However, England did not get the result they would have wanted, and lost 1-0 to a German free kick scored by Dietmar Hamann. “It was the last refuge of the inadequate. Half-time neared, England were a goal down and a sizeable section of the crowd sullied the ever-dampening occasion. ‘Stand up if you won the War,’ they sang”, wrote journalist Ian Ridley in his match report for The Observer

After 2002
The two teams did not meet in the next major contests, UEFA Euro 2004 and 2006 FIFA World Cup (England managed to avoid a showdown with Germany in the Round of 16 by holding Sweden to a draw and finishing at the top of their group), and England did not qualify for Euro 2008.
England and Germany next played on 22 August 2007, in a friendly at the newly-rebuilt Wembley Stadium. England lost the match 2–1, their first defeat at the new Wembley. In the most recent meeting between the two sides, in an international friendly held on November 19, 2008, England inflicted Germany’s first defeat in Berlin for 35 years.

South Africa World Cup 2010 soccer match England vs Germany, Sunday Sunday June 27th at 14:00 GMT

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England vs Germany live stream Soccer WC 2010 free sopcast online coverage

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Biking Adventures in Germany and Austria

Biking Adventures in Germany and Austria By Maggie Rentmeester

Travel adventures, especially those to foreign countries, are always exciting.  Several members of my family and I began planning a two-week biking/ sightseeing trip to Europe through Vermont bike Tours ( in the cold months following Christmas.  Once the warmth of summer arrived we set off on our journey to the fascinating Czech Republic, Germany, and Austria.   Baroque spires and domes from the 1400’s looked down on the modern and busy cities seemingly nodding their approval.  Our group arrived in Passau, Germany, a city founded at the confluence of three rivers:  the Danube, the Inn, and the Ilz.  We settled into the quaint Alstadt Hotel, located on the finger of land separating the Inn and the Danube, and promptly checked out the beautiful terrace that provided a unique visualization of the comingling of the rivers.  The Danube is dark bluish grey and the Inn has a silvery tone from mountain runoff high in the Alps—fishermen lined both rivers and from the look of their buckets, had great catches for the day.  
            As presented in
Luckily our visit coincided with the town’s annual river festival just across a couple of lovely bridges on the banks of the Ilz River.  I have never experienced a German town festival and was willing to immerse myself in the local culture, especially when that meant cold beer, smoky grilled sausages, and yeasty, fresh baked pretzels accompanied by live music! We crossed the Inn River bridge and marveled at the number of barges anchored for the evening:  some decorated with Swarovski crystal chandeliers and private balconies—what a way to enjoy the scenery of the Danube!  Then on over to the Ilz River bridge where we were treated to a boat jousting tournament going on below.  Two low, flat bottom boats fitted with small platforms off the stern each held a jouster.  Contestants perched on the platforms armed with a six-foot padded lancing devices. The boats were rowed smartly toward each other with the intent of getting close enough for one jouster to knock the other off into the river.  Rowdy crowds attired in costumes of lederhosen and dirndls lined the bridge.  From the banks of the river they shouted encouragement to their favorite contestants.  Multiple participants, men and women, ended up taking their licks and good-naturedly splashed their way to the shore.  Volunteer jousters would certainly have been found in our group if they had been needed.  Several of our adventurous folk might have run down to the shore to join in if asked, everyone looked like they were having a blast.  
Everyone worked up quite a thirst with all the cheering for the jousters.  A frothy mug of Hacklburg ale (“two fisted” drinking required for the mandatory liter mug that weighed a ton!) was the perfect drink to quench my thirst from the spicy grilled sausage, crispy baked chicken and chewy salty pretzels accompanied by tangy stone-ground mustard. The evening ended with lively, sing along, can’t keep your feet from moving, songs performed by a Beatles’ tribute band.  It was easy to join in with the song lyrics, sung in English, not so easy to translate the conversation between songs, but great fun was had by all.
Morning broke the following day and after enjoying a hearty breakfast buffet with a selection of fresh sugar sweet strawberries and melon, aged fragrant sliced meats and cheeses, crusty homemade breads and fresh brewed coffee with sweet cream it was time for our next adventure.
Vermont Bike Tour ( tour leaders Zuzanna and Andy once again transitioned us seamlessly to the next mode of transportation: a huge and luxurious river boat.   Andy had a plethora of regional maps and used the large tables on the boat to point out the pathways of the rivers in the region.  River travel allows passengers to cruise through four different countries—Germany, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia.  The historic Danube has inspired songwriters, poets and kings.  The Blue Danube Waltz was a symbol of Imperial Vienna and Richard the Lionhearted was imprisoned along its shores, the proud fortress where he was once interred stands proudly high above the rapidly moving waters.  While silently cruising down the twirling, winding route gazing as castles and ancient ruins appeared on the steep, thickly forested mountains lining the river; We all began to understand the power of the water.  The movement of the boat became hypnotic and I could picture a time when beasts of burden lined the paths tethered to the boats pulling loads to the next destination.  These one-time animal pathways have been paved over and converted into a bike trail with million-dollar views.  We docked at the river port town of Schlogen and began our tour of the Wachau Valley.


Guidebooks describe the Wachau Valley as a UNESCO World Heritage Site—a grouping of 936 properties chosen by the World Heritage Committee as having worldwide cultural or historical significance and include such lofty cohorts as the Great Barrier Reef, Yellowstone National Park, and Machu Picchu.  While gratified that I traveled through an area of such epic history, my fondest recollections of the Wachau valley are that of gliding through fragrant vineyards lining the bike trail, warm sun on my back, glistening apricots ripening on the tree, and sipping delicious young heuriger wine.  
The bike trail along the Danube winds peacefully adjacent to the river and veers off into picturesque towns lined with bright earthen-toned stone houses draped with flowering vines and stunning fuchsia and blue hydrangeas.  On our bikes we meandered over one of the many bridges, gazed at the swiftly moving river and admired the stately Baroque church silhouetted on a hillside while standing with one foot in Austria and one foot in Germany.  Thanks to the enactment of the European Union, borders are crossed with ease and many only bear small markings indicating the new country entered.  My journey downriver took me past stunning gardens—one complete with bamboo, sculptured evergreens and stunning double fuchsia plants.  We pedaled through lovely forested areas only to emerge at a clearing with breathtaking views of ruined castles, abbeys and churches.  Lunchtime brought us to a dam crossing and we entered Scharding, Austria, a town famous for its nutty, Swiss-like cheese.  Fragrant silky cheese sliced directly from the wheel, crusty locally baked bread and fresh apricots purchased at the local farmer’s market made for a delightful picnic lunch.  Rich and velvety chocolate Sacher torte provided a sweet ending and incentive to bike a few more miles.
Have I mentioned anything about the food?  The attention to detail, expert planning, and near-perfect execution by VBT included an amazing array of meals and snacks throughout the trip.  On one memorable evening Zuzanna and Andy organized a scrumptious meal served in an ancient winepress room.  They brought our group together that evening to enjoy house made braunschweiger and juicy sausages accompanied by fresh grape tomatoes and mozzarella for an appetizer.  Roasted chicken, slow cooked beef served with homemade sauerkraut, lentils and potatoes for the main course.  Spongy, spiced chocolate apricot torte was the finale.   Afterward I was just barely able to roll myself back up to my room and dream of tomorrow’s adventures.  Once again, VBT comes through with a lovely, unique, “never would have found this place on my own” establishment with delicious food.
The next morning the group and I pedaled through the enchanting Wachau Valley along the Danube towards the Baroque town of Melk.  The paved path was smooth and led me through vineyards lined in robust grapevines heavy with the promise of a hearty harvest end-capped with multicolored fragrant rose bushes used as sentinel agents predicting disease.  Stopping to admire and pick a few blushing apricots from a tree near the pathway, I took on some fresh fuel for my pedaling trip downriver.  The majestic Melk Abbey appeared high above me on a rocky outcropping over the Danube.   Our VBT trip included a guided tour of the Abbey and our knowledgeable escort was ready and waiting for us; how lovely to have someone take care of all of these details and make the trip so stress free.  The Baroque monastery stands tall on the hillside capped with a trio of towering spires and a lovely golden yellow facade.  The abbey was built in the early 1700’s and still has 900 active students attending.  The size and scale of the building was impressive, but the most breathtaking portion of the abbey was the church.  Pink, purple and violet orchids spun into 10-foot diameter wreaths decorated each side altar and blossoms threaded onto wires suspended from the ceiling.  These colorful cascades created the image of raining orchids in the center of the church in honor of the feast day for Saint Peter and Saint Paul. Stunning frescoes on the ceiling gilded with four kilograms of pure gold embellished the opulent statues and altars.  Stunning—I felt like I was in the company of royals with such an opulent display.
After enjoying brick oven fired freshly made pizzas topped with tuna, eggs, artichokes, and pepperoni for lunch provided by VBT, it was time to cycle back to Weissenkirchen.  Friendly locals called out greetings of “Állo!” to passersby while perched on benches lining the Danube enjoying the sunshine and views.  I paused along the way to breathe in the scenery and snap a few photographs of the uniquely terraced vineyards lining the lush green hills along the river. The Riesling wine bottled here is world renowned:  crisp and fruity, lovely on the taste buds and perfect accompanying a multitude of foods.  The VBT van appeared regularly along our biking routes with a delectable array of local goodies to sample and re-energize us.   Each town and village had several convenient and accessible konditorei (German/Austrian pastry shops), every one of them offering a mouth-watering selection of delectable treats to hard working cyclists.  Going hungry is never an option!
A biking voyage down a quiet river path might lead some to fear monotony.  This is absolutely not the case at all:  the twists and turns of the Danube provide delights around every corner.  The path led us through villages with Renaissance buildings surrounding hidden inner courtyards gushing with newly bloomed flowers, past ancient ruins, through orchards heavy with ripening fruit and alongside vineyards holding the promise of both sweet and earthy vintages.  Home cooked regional dishes were available in every town and harbored winemakers galore.  Wine tasting was available every evening.  Traditionally, the winemaker offering a tasting hangs out a wheat wreath on the gate offering an invitation to visitors.  Andy and Zuzanna treated us to a lovely evening of conversation and wine sipping under the apple orchard strung with lights, I felt like I was in a fairyland.  
The Wachau Valley enchanted me with its picturesque views, fabulous bike paths, fragrant vineyards, and exquisite cuisine.  I left a bit of my heart in the valley and would love to go back.   Read more at     

Maggie Rentmeester is the Active Outdoors Feature Writer for


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Student Visa Requirements For Sweden, Germany Or For Singapore To Be Properly Fulfilled with Enquiry

The primary concern now, after receiving admissions into colleges in foreign countries, should be to prepare for the student visa. Each country has its own rules and regulations of issuing visas to the students who are aiming at studying in their colleges and universities. The case is no different for European countries like Sweden or Germany as well as for the Singapore in South East Asia.

The scenario is almost the same for all the countries, except for a few features that are demarcated in the respective consulates. Those who are wishing to know about the rules and regulations can enquire telephonically or by personal visit to these consulates as it would be the most appropriate information which is received from there because the consulate is the agency which would be issuing and approving the visa or resident permit.

The student visa requirements for Sweden are not very complicated but involve submission of photographs, application fees, proof of admissions into the respective colleges in form of transcripts, the marksheet or certificate of the qualifying test and the documentary proof of the bank accounts and the deposits that are required to cover the expenses during the stay in Sweden. There are many good colleges in the country, some of them famous throughout the European Union. To take admissions in these colleges, it is required that the students comply with the student visa requirements for Sweden and thus make their stay hasslefree.

Although, the basics of issuing the visa in most countries are the same, some features might be a little different as they are for the student visa requirements for Singapore. And these information can be well gathered from the internet if the consulates are not accessible. With some exceptions like dependent’s pass holder, immigration order exemption holder, etc, everyone else who is willing for a course of more than 3 months duration is required to get for themselves a visa.

This can be done by providing the application fees, photographs, communication of acceptance in the universities, and the documentary proof of the money that is required to spend in the time of the stay. After the admissions papers are received the students are required to submit their letter of acceptance at the immigrations and checkpoints authority within 2 months of start of the course.

Students should also note that there are certain forms that are to be filled like Form 16, Form V36, Form V39S, etc, which are to be filled up and submitted with the application form as part of the student visa requirements for Singapore. A lot many things have to be taken care of when making arrangements for the visa requirements for different countries as above.

Since different countries have different requirements, it is prudent to consult the respective country’s consulates for information and help. Student visa requirements for Germany are also not very tough, but if the things are done correctly after correct information, it is easy on part of the students to arrange all the things at one go and have a successful attempt at receiving their visas.

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