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Euro Debt Crisis


A popular journal in Greek stated Greek debt crises focused less on the crisis and more on the market reaction. It also stated that Hedge Funds Try ‘Career Trade’ Against Euro” and “Speculators Bet Record Amount against Euro for 4th Week” and “Europe Trouble, U.S. Opportunity” in the headline. It explains the collapse in the Euro mainly against the dollar as one of the important and profitable techniques for exploiting the crisis. The debt crisis has become self fulfilling both for Greece and Euro, both Greek and Euro bonds lost their value which makes the crisis more badly. Most of the speculators are using this favorable condition by making more bets against Euro. Based on the viewed commitment of Trader’s report, the net short conditions against the Euro have a record 12 billion dollar. Some analysts took these details at face value. 

There is also proof that most of the speculators are now trying in concert to bring down the value of Euro. The magazine also mentioned about the private meeting between Hedge funds managers and investment banks helping their customers bet against Euro by using derivatives. These speculators influence the currency markets. The Euro has down 10 percent in less than three months which is more surprising for a currency whose daily trading volume is calculated at 1.2 trillion dollars. The famous choice trade is based on the Euro falling to party against the dollar. It is also not in the good position to accept the market power that these speculators have.

But emotion has no place in forex trading. EU member states contain shaky finances which cannot be dismissed. The Euro is controlled by the European central bank over which Greece has no power. Usually in the forex trading investors like to buy one currency because they think it is going to appreciate in its value against other currencies. If all the investors have same sentiment, these purchases will cause the Euro to appreciate and the dollar will depreciate. In the European debt crisis of 2010, some countries in the European Union were at danger to default on their debt. 

This caused the Euro to fall down so investors look for the other currencies. The three big safe havens are the Treasury bills, U.S dollar and gold. These investments are regarded as less risky of all investments. The strength of the Euro is currency stability. Businesses will not face any risk from currency exchange rates and tourists also no longer to pay the price of the currency conversion. But the weakness is the Euro using countries are not able to set their own monetary policy and they should act according to the policies which are drawn by the European central bank. Greece is unable to devalue its currency to keep prices stable and increase exports to increase money. So forex traders always should keep an eye with the fluctuations of the currency value to operate their forex trading successfully. This helps them to avoid unnecessary frustration in forex trading.


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Euro Rises to 3-Week High Versus Dollar on Greek Debt Optimism

Euro Rises to 3-Week High Versus Dollar on Greek Debt Optimism
The euro climbed to the highest in almost three weeks against the dollar on prospects the European Central Bank will increase interest rates next week to curb inflation while the risk of an immediate Greek default subsides.
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Greek fiscal survival vital for euro zone, finance minister says
Greece will stave off default not only for its own sake, but because its survival is vital for the euro zone and the global economy, Greek Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos told Reuters on Monday.
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Europe can avoid debt crisis: Geithner

Europe can avoid debt crisis: Geithner
EU urged to speak with one voice on debt plan. 21 Jun 2011 3:39 PM
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Parliament speaker: First laws, then EU candidacy
BELGRADE — In order to be granted an EU candidate status and possibly the date for accession talks, Serbia should pass a bill on public property. MPs should also “start adopting a bill on restitution”, Parliament Speaker Slavica ?uki?-Dejanovi? has said.
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Indonesian Rupiah Rises to Seven-Year High on Easing European Debt Concern

Indonesian Rupiah Rises to Seven-Year High on Easing European Debt Concern
Indonesia’s rupiah rose to a seven- year high on optimism European Union officials will prepare a new aid plan for Greece, quelling fears the region’s debt crisis will deepen and reducing demand for dollars. Bonds gained.
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European markets slide on mounting economic concerns
European equities closed sharply lower yesterday, following large losses in Asia and overnight on Wall Street, as concerns grew over weak global economic data.
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Highlights – Juncker and Rehn on Greece, sovereign debt crisis

Highlights – Juncker and Rehn on Greece, sovereign debt crisis
STRASBOURG, France (Reuters) – European Economic Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn and the chairman of the Eurogroup, Jean-Claude Juncker, answered questions before the European Parliament’s economic committee on Monday.
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Europe close: Germany’s regulator slashes out at EBA
European stocks have closed the day in a mixed fashion (FTSE-100: 8, Dax: -25, Euro Stoxx 50: -28, SMI: -37, Cac: -27, Ibex 35: -128), with the London benchmark riding on the back of a rise in basic resource …
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ECB official: Property means Greece solvent
A top European Central Bank official says financially troubled Greece can pay its debts if it is willing to sell off billions in state property and carry through on plans for budget cuts.
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EU Officials to Urge Investors to Buy New Greek Debt

EU Officials to Urge Investors to Buy New Greek Debt
European officials readying Greece’s second bailout in two years are preparing to ask investors to reinvest in new debt when existing bonds mature
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Research and Markets: European High and Medium Voltage Switchgear Markets 2011
Research and Markets has announced the addition of Frost & Sullivan’s new report “European High and Medium Voltage Switchgear Markets” to their offering.
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European boost for Shamrock Rovers
Soccer:League champions Shamrock Rovers were handed a welcome boost today after they were seeded by Uefa for the second qualifying round of the Champions League.
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World stocks, euro slip on euro zone debt crisis

World stocks, euro slip on euro zone debt crisis
World stocks fell while the euro headed toward a two-month low on Wednesday on concerns about the euro zone’s spreading debt crisis and the potential for a further reduction of positions in risky assets.
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April pace of euro zone lending edges higher
The rate of growth in euro zone bank loans to the private sector increased slightly in April, the European Central bank said.
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European shares edge up; renewable stocks gain
* FTSEurofirst 300 up 0.1 pct, Euro STOXX 50 up 0.2 pct * E.ON, RWE fall on German nuclear news; solar shares up * SocGen says long Euro STOXX 50/short aluminium LONDON, May 30 (Reuters) – European share …
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talks towards a multi-billion-euro free trade deal
29 May 2011 Leaders of the European Union and Japan have agreed to start talks towards a multi-billion-euro free trade deal linking the world’s third biggest economy to the globe’s largest market.
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European Stocks Drop On Greek Debt Woes

European Stocks Drop On Greek Debt Woes
European stocks tumbled on Monday as debt fears rattled investors after officials acknowledged Greece may need revised bailout terms.
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European PGA-Mallorca Open Leading Scores
Several Shelton students were sent home for refusing to disperse during a protest for James Tate. Using intermediaries and inexpensive computer disks, Osama bin Laden managed to send emails while in hiding.
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European Stocks Are Little Changed; U.S. Index Futures Advance
European stocks were little changed as mining companies rebounded with commodities, offsetting a decline in utility companies. U.S. index futures and Asian equities advanced.
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Call center debt collection booms in Eastern Europe

In Romania only, the debts with more than 30 days overdue are reaching 4.459 billion LEI (more than 1 billion EUR) this year. This is +60% than in 2009. Today, more than 714,000 people have overdue debts in this country (1500 EUR per debtor as an average).

As the financial crisis plunges many people into debt, in Romania as well as in Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine and Russia, more and more creditors are turning to outsourced debt recovery via call centers, making the debt collection business one of the fastest-growing sectors in the call center industry in the region.

We’d like to take this opportunity to respond to some of the most common questions we have been receiving about the expansion of our debt recovery services for Eastern clients.

Who are your clients and what services are you performing?

For collections, most of our clients are banks and financial institutions. Our two largest customers for collections are a leading French consumer finance company and one of the largest European banks. For both clients we provide soft debt collection services: payment reminders over the phone, mostly in Romanian, Bulgarian and soon, in Hungarian and Russian.

Do non-financial/banking companies tend to outsource debt collection as well?

Yes, indeed. Not only banks and credit players need collection services: more and more industries – and first and foremost: utilities, cable, and telecom operators – have to deal with large numbers of clients not paying their overdue amounts. Most of these companies start looking for a call center because they do not have the necessary personnel and know-how or the correct infrastructure in-house to manage large debt collection campaigns by themselves. We are here to help them.

How is CallPoint different from its competitors for collections?

Call center debt collection is a very specialized job, which requires the right technology as well as experienced people. We have recruited a skilled team of managers who have significant experience in both soft and hard debt collection. Their experience includes nearshore and offshore debt collection campaigns (UK and the USA mostly). Thanks to their know-how, we are now using the best international practices to reach high recovery rates.

How do you track down debtors who evade your calls?

We have formed a specific department called “Skip Tracing”. This department is devoted to finding the debtors who change residence or phone numbers  without notifying creditors in order to evade payment of bills. We search city and telephone directories, street listings, and perform inquires at post offices. CallPoint’s “Skip tracing team” begins with any known information such as the name, last known address, previous addresses, last known and previous phone numbers, employer’s phone number etc. The more identifiers our skip tracers have, the easier it is for them to complete a skip trace.

With the help of our skip tracing department, the quality of information has expanded dramatically and with the correct information in hand we are increasing our efficiency in debt collection by up to 20%.

What is the profile of a  debt collection officer and how do you retain them?

Being a collector is not an easy job. Therefore, the selection process is an important step. For early-stage collection, we see that students or young graduates have better results (from 20 to 30 years old), while for late-stage collection, the best profile is women between 30 and 40. The main traits which make a good collector profile are: strong personality, flexible, always being in control, “straight to the point” attitude and good communication skills.

The training process is important as well. The collection officers have to understand the scope of the collection, they have to understand their role in the collection process. They have to be taught how to be firm and strong without being impolite or disrespectful.

Another important aspect is the use of incentive schemes. Our collectors receive bonuses based on their recovery rate. The collector must understand the Key Performance Indicators, and be aware of their performance on a daily basis.

What do creditors expect from a call center like CallPoint?

Our clients expect different things, including transparency, constant focus over performance, and flexibility. But most important, I think our clients are working with us because we are a reliable partner for a long-term relationship, as we provide constant results at the right price:

Continuous performance. We do our best to deliver steady results all year round. Our clients do not like ups and down in monthly results as this will blur their estimations for revenues.
Pricing is an important aspect. The business relationship between CallPoint and its clients must be a win-win one. Therefore, we align our prices with performance. The higher the recovery rate, the more we earn.

Is CallPoint also offering other services to banks and financial institutions besides debt collection?

We are performing large telesales campaigns to improve our clients’ market share. We have good know-how on selling both credit loans and credit cards over the phone. Inbound customer care (both inbound calls and email management) is also an important service we are offering to our clients in order to improve the client’s interaction with their customers.


Gregoire Vigroux is the Director of Business Development for CallPoint Romania (, Romania’s leading call center outsourcing company. He also manages the popular blog, where he writes about topics related to Outsourcing and Nearshoring BPO in Eastern Europe.

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European Commission rules out Greek debt restructuring

European Commission rules out Greek debt restructuring
The European Commission ruled out Saturday any restructuring of Greece’s public debt which has exploded to around 340 billion euros ($ 485 billion).
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European finance chiefs say spending cuts are necessary to boost growth, job creation
GODOLLO, Hungary – European finance ministers defended the painful austerity measures being imposed in the region as necessary to defeat a crippling debt crisis. But tens of thousands of people protested nearby to condemn what they called unfair and risky sacrifices imposed on workers instead of the bankers who caused the problems.
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European Union Sees Bailout Deal for Portugal by Mid-May
European finance ministers said they aim to negotiate a rescue package worth around €80 billion, or $ 115 billion with all the main political parties in the debt-strapped country.
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