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4-inch Mum in Antique Tin

Always a favorite! Send this lovely Mum in a collectible tin container for any occasion. Most Mums enjoy a light but cool location.
This gift includes a 4-inch potted Chrysanthemum in our antique tin container. Each plant is carefully chosen by our grower to meet our strict quality specifications. It is packaged in our gift box, along with a personal message from you and care instructions for the recipient. COLORS WILL VARY. Sorry, color selection is not an option. Container may vary.

Please Note: This is an Indoor Chrysanthemum. With proper care, it should last 4 to 6 weeks. If plants are moved from growing indoors to an outdoor location, they should initially be placed where they receive filtered sunlight, or morning sun and afternoon partial shade. Placing your plant directly into full hot sun may burn the leaves.


Price: $59.95

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