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The title of this rose is somewhat optimistic: as yet truly ‘blue’ or ‘black’ roses are not available, and still belong to the realms of fantasy. The efforts to breed these colours have, however, produced, especially in hybrid Teas, some delightful varieties in mauve, lilac and blackish red. ‘Blue River®’ is just such an example, with large, beautiful, crimson-mauve blooms, which become lighter at the heart as if powdered, while the petal edges become darker. The blooms are usually borne in clusters and smell exquisite. Whether the rose is planted in a perfumed or perennial bed, its partners should not be planted too close, a minimum distance of 35 cm (14 in) apart, as unfortunately, as with all varieties of this colour grouping, it is susceptible to black spot.

• The ADR rose, ‘Mainzer Fastnacht’ (synonyms: ‘Blue Moon’, ‘Blue Monday’, ‘Blue Girl’, `Sissi’) has striking lilac-mauve tones and a wonderful scent. This popular variety blooms in great profusion and is hardy.


FLOWERING: Repeat bloomer; fully double; 0 8-10 cm (3-4 in); magenta mauve with a darker edge; strong, delicious scent

GROWTH: 70-80 cm (28— 32 in) high; upright; bushy

FEATURES: Award-winning scent; temperamental; lovely cut rose; requires protection in winter PLANTING: For perfumed beds and flowerbeds and borders; as specimens or in groups

 INTRODUCED: Kordes, 1984, Germany


Synonyms: ‘Grand Château’, ‘Taboo®’ / HYBRID TEA

‘Barkarole®’ will be assured a place as one of the noblest hybrid Teas with its characteristic slender, tall buds that open spirally to reveal dark velvety red petals that are lightly reflexed and borne singly on long stems. This tall, bushy variety will bloom to late autumn without suffering in the rain. In southern locations it may suffer some heat damage in full midday sun. ‘Barkarole®’ is unusual for its vigorous, bushy growth habit, as most ‘black’ roses do not grow well and are susceptible to disease. ‘Barkarole®’ is different from the norm in that respect, too, as it has proved itself very resistant to black spot. However, mildew may be a problem, and this should immediately be treated with fungicide.

? ‘Black Baccara’ (Meilland, 2002), with its deep, dark red, velvety blooms, is even darker than `Barkarole. The darkest of the ‘black’ roses does, however, have no scent and is very susceptible to fungal diseases.


FLOWERING: Repeat bloomer; fully double; 08-11 cm (3-41/2 in); dark red; delicious scent

 GROWTH: 80-130 cm (32-51 in) high; upright; bushy

FEATURES: Top quality variety, popular worldwide; rain resistant; good cut rose

PLANTING: For perfumed beds, flowerbeds and borders; as specimens or in groups; lovely standard

INTRODUCED: Tantau, 1987, Germany

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